Waco Adult Day Care
323 N 29th Street
Waco, TX

Located on the corner of
Waco Dr. and N. 29th St.

(254) 714-2274 (phone)
(254) 714-2166 (fax)











Adult Day Care And Mental Health Associates of Waco is licensed by the Texas Department of Human Services. We provide consistent care and prohibit discrimination against anyone on the basis of race, gender, age, religion or political belief and the program eligibility.

Each person who attends our facility will be guided by a comprehensive care plan. By providing this, our staff can ensure that each client receives the individual care they deserve. Each plan will address needs of both the client and his/her caregiver, will include both physical and psychological needs and is reviewed regularly to ensure that the quality of care continues.

As our population ages, and the need for family assistance grows, adult day care and mental health Associates of Waco will continue to lead our community in providing services which preserve dignity and independence.

It is our policy to attempt to provide an open door policy with other businesses in our community which provides services to our clients. At the same time, we also respect their confidentiality and work diligently to give our clients the privacy they need.

**We accept Medicaid and private pay for daycare and both Medicaid/Medicare and private pay for mental health services. We also are the only day care facility which holds a contract with the VA for daycare services.